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Cookbook Twins

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Our friend Sara cleverly dubbed us the “cookbook twins” and that’s a nickname we think we can get behind. While it seems like our blogging days here on The Skinny Beet are few and far between, it doesn’t mean we’ve slowed down at all. By some total freak chance, we each both received separate cookbook deals recently. Richard is writing a burger cookbook with their friend Sam (formerly of JM Curley) and Katie is writing a book on SuperFood Sandwiches. Katie is also doing the photography for both books so we are busy folks these days. Happy and thrilled for these wonderful opportunities, but crazy involved with them too. Our podcast continues to roll out, Richard just started his first in a series of burger pop-ups all over Boston, and Katie is all over Eater Boston, crushing it with interviews, articles and pictures. We’ll be updating with news on our books along the way, so please check back in soon. Cheers!


New podcast!!

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We had a blast recording our new podcast, with our friend Maggi from Kinnealey last night. We talked beef, burgers and the aquarium. Plus Dylan gets squeamish, give it a listen 🙂

Eat Boutique Holiday Giveaway

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Hey all!

We’re just winding down from our Thanksgiving/Hanukkah celebrations and we’re gearing up for a busy holiday season! Since it’s the start of December, we wanted to start off the month with a giveaway, you know, just to get you in the mood for the Christmas season. Our friend Maggie, over at Eat Boutique, has generously given us two general admission tickets ($20 each) to the Eat Boutique Holiday Market, which is happening this coming Saturday, December 7th at Cruiseport Boston’s Black Falcon Cruise Terminal. If you aren’t familiar with Eat Boutique, it was started in 2007 as an online magazine and marketplace that celebrates local and small batch foods. Over the past couple of years, they’ve been running a holiday market as well, which gives the people behind all of these great local products, and the consumers that love them, a chance to connect in person. Available at this year’s holiday market, Mei Mei Street Kitchen, Island Creek Oysters and Union Square Donuts, to name a few. Additionally, a couple of cookbook authors, including Joanne Chang, Karen Covey and more, will be on hand to chat and sign cookbooks and small batch wine, cider, beer and cordial tastings will be available as well. If you’re interested in attending and you’d like to be entered to win the two free tickets, all you have to do is leave a comment, telling us what some of your favorite small, local food companies are. You’ll get a bonus entry if you mention a tweet (just be sure to mention us, @TheSkinnyBeet so we know that you entered). One winner will be selected on Wednesday afternoon and that person will receive both tickets and enjoy a day full of local, food and beverage fun!

Skinny Beet Updates

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Man, where does the time go? I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the wedding and the honeymoon (Italy, sigh) but this year has flown by. We are still doing our thing, taking on more and more personal chef clients, talking to other lovely couples about catering their weddings next year, and booking private holiday parties for the next couple of months. Phew. In addition to all of that, Katie has started writing for Eater Boston (!!!) and Richard is still going strong contributing to Boston Magazine with two columns now. And then there’s the podcast, which we are so excited for, we’ve had a wonderful lineup of chefs, photographers, bloggers, bartenders and restauranteurs, and some incredible people lined up for future episodes. Richard also just launched the Boston Burger Blog App (free for iTunes) and somewhere in all of that we’ve found the time to cook lots of fun projects at home, including homemade cheese and our own bitters. So keep checking back as we can’t wait share more news, recipes and all of our latest cooking adventures in the weeks to come. Cheers!!

In the Kitchen with…Chef Nookie

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Chef Nookie grating potatoes at his home in Cambridge

There’s a lot you can learn about a chef by visiting their home kitchen. On our visit to Chef Nookie’s Cambridge kitchen, we were greeted by a giant fishtub of meats. “That’s for my new project,” Nookie said, nodding in the direction of the assorted Flintstones-sized racks of various meats. At first, we didn’t spend a lot of time among the numerous bookshelves stuffed with cookbooks, we were whisked outside for a lap around the backyard garden to gather some produce before we made ourselves at home around the over-sized Butcher’s block that is the focal point of the kitchen. Behind us hung a framed poster of the chef’s most recent claim to fame, third place on Bravo’s Around the World in 80 Plates, which just concluded last month.

Then the fritter batter hits the pan

Since his return home from the show, he found himself facing some life-threatening health issues that landed him a three-week stint in the hospital and since his recovery, he hasn’t slowed down a bit. In fact, as he puts it, now is the time that he has to work the hardest and that is indeed what he is doing. He’s currently in the process of opening two restaurants, one in Kendall Square and the other in New York. “That’s what all the meat is for” he said with genuine excitement. “We’re in the process of experimenting”. When he isn’t working to open two restaurants in two different cities, he’s the man who keeps the Boston Red Sox fueled for games. And, if that isn’t enough, he is the father of two young boys and he and his wife are expecting their third child. Having a plate that big is enough to drive anyone crazy and leave them in a frazzled state, but Nookie is cool, calm and collected as he excitedly shares all that he has on his plate.

Chef Nookie gives the fritters a flip

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The Phoenix Club

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While we have clients spread out over the city, one of our oldest and most favorites has always been the boys at The Phoenix Club. If you’ve seen The Social Network (and if you haven’t, shame on you) it’s the exclusive club that Eduardo pledges and ultimately becomes a member of. I started cooking for them in 2007, and Katie joined in on the fun in 2010. I’ve always enjoyed cooking for the guys when they are undergrads, and then watching them come back and visit for the alumni dinners.  The dinners are always fun for us to plan, they love their “meat and potatoes” so keeping it exciting and trying to come up with something new for them on a monthly basis is part of the challenge. For their Fall dinner, we knew we wanted something seasonal and hearty (those boys can eat!). After some careful menu planning, we came up with the following;

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Skinny Beet!

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Welcome to The Skinny Beet! We’ll be updating the website constantly, so stick with us. We’re a couple (literally) of chefs, food writers, and food lovers. Peek into our professional lives, read our restaurant reviews and enjoy all the wonderful food this city has to offer with us. This is the Skinny Beet.

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