Chef Richard and Chef Katie

Honey, honey

In At Home on January 9, 2013 at 7:20 pm


Here we go! Another year. We thought a lot about what we wanted our first new post of 2013 to be about. We decided we’re not really into food predictions (I guess we like the suspense) and since you can read a little about what we’ve been up to over here, we were sort of left scratching our heads. We could talk about what a big year this will be for us (we’re getting married!) but we figure there’s plenty of time to share the details of our upcoming nuptials. So let’s skip all the formalities and get right to talking about an ingredient that we can’t seem to get enough of: Honey.


We’re not sure where this new obsession started but we also don’t see an end in sight. Actually, on second thought, maybe it first started with a simple jar of artisan honey from Vermont. Yes, I think that was our gateway honey. Complexly sweet and pale in color but not opaque and thicker than traditional honey, one taste made us think of this seemingly humble ingredient in a different light. Gradually over the span of a couple of weeks, new jars of honey have been popping up in our cabinet. Chestnut honey, with it’s intense earthiness and slightly bitter notes, Lime tree honey, powerful and floral and Acacia honey, simply sweet and pure. Our addiction keeps growing from there and we seek out the honey section of every grocery and specialty store we’re in, trying to get our hands on whatever we haven’t tried. Our new found treasures have found themselves happy giving new flavor to soups, sauces, gracing our cheese plates, coating our breads and really anything else we can think of. We’ve got fancy little jars with golden honey, large jars of deep, almost brown colored honey and some that are so light in color they appear to be clear.


We never considered ourselves to be “honey people” but here we are obsessing over and waxing on about it and to us that’s what makes this world of food so damn exciting. There’s so much to discover, learn about and get to know. We’re really looking forward to getting to know honey further this year, not to mention whatever other ingredients we’ll meet and get to know. It’s an exciting year ahead and we can’t wait to get started. Here’s to 2013!


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