Chef Richard and Chef Katie

Our New Project

In At Work, Restaurant on April 9, 2012 at 6:11 pm

If you’re as much into reality cooking shows and contests as we are (we’re looking at you The Next Food Network Star, Chopped, Top Chef, etc, fans!), then you’ve probably heard two questions over and over again; what’s your cooking style? What’s your signature dish? We’ve been cooking together for a little over a year and every time we get asked these questions, we still find ourselves scratching our heads.  Not because we don’t know, but because it’s so hard to put into words. To be honest, our style changes constantly along with our learning curve and we like trying out new things. While it’s easy to say we cook fresh, from scratch and seasonal, that still doesn’t really define us as chefs and we’re looking to explore that a little more. We thought that this presented a terrific opportunity to speak with other chefs around town, to see what their cooking styles are and what their signature dish is, if they have one.  This will be an ongoing project of ours; we’ve already lined up some dates with some extremely talented chefs such as Lydia Shire of Towne, Rebecca Newell of The Beehive, Erwin Ramos of Ole, Joshua Lewin of Beacon Hill Bistro and Jarrod Moiles of BOKX 109 and many more in the works. During our time with these chefs, we’ll be cooking up a dish with them and reporting back to you about our experience. We’re really looking forward to meeting other chefs and to explore more about what these two questions really mean and how we can apply that to what we do in our own kitchen.

Are you a chef and would like to participate? Just drop us a line, we’d love to speak with and cook with you!

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