Chef Richard and Chef Katie

Walking With Our Mouths Full

In At Home, Restaurant on March 14, 2012 at 1:14 pm

Short Rib Taco at La Verdad

I blame all this lovely spring weather that we’ve been having, it seems we can’t get enough of walking around our fair city and stopping to try out some local spots as we go. Last week we took a 10 mile walk and this week two 5 mile walks – we’ve gotta find some way to stay in shape, after all! There’s just been so many places that we want to try and we’ve found that it’s the best and most enjoyable way to both get some fresh air and exercise, while having fun and sampling some local eats. Armed with my iPhone and trusty Instagram, here’s some pictures from the past two weeks’ walks…

Pig Intestines at China King

What we sampled were all over the map with cuisines; Asian, Mexican and American predominately, and had food ranging from standard (a Burger) to a little unusual (Pig Intestines). We had some good food (China King), some that wasn’t our favorite (Villa Mexico, Griddlers) and then some exceptionally good food from La Verdad

Mole Tacos from Villa Mexico

Chile Relleno Torta at La Verdad

Egg Puffs

We’ve found that these walks of ours are going to be a continuing thread and we find that just experiencing different types of food helps us to further develop our palates, inspire us and keep us current on the Boston food scene. Not to mention, get us out there, taking in this unseasonably nice weather and enjoying our city.

  1. La Verdad has been on my short list……those photos just made it shoot to the top of that list! Yummmmm

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