Chef Richard and Chef Katie

Roast Chicken at Home

In At Home, Restaurant on November 10, 2011 at 9:24 pm

Roast chicken is a tricky thing to perfect at home. Each part of the chicken cooks at different temperatures and it’s easy to fall victim to one part either being raw and another being dry and overcooked or worse, both. There’s much debate among chefs over how to roast a chicken and yield perfect, evenly cooked results. Some chefs will argue that starting off with a screaming hot oven and then dropping the heat is the right approach. Others will suggest just the opposite; start low and then raise the heat. We had cooked many a’ roast chicken in our day but we were never totally thrilled with the results and we wanted to add perfect roast chicken to our kitchen repertoire.

This post was inspired by our date night a couple week’s back to Hamersley’s Bistro, where we sampled, and fell in love with, their famous roast chicken. Tender all the way through and seasoned well with each bite was a wonderful balance of lemon, butter and herbs. We used this technique as our inspiration and we got started with marinating our chicken in a blend of fresh herbs, olive oil, mustard and lemon and were left with a bright and fragrant sauce.

Once we had marinated our chicken, we then then placed it on a bed of roughly chopped root vegetables and fresh cloves of garlic. The chicken was generously salted and topped with lemon slices and little pats of butter. The chicken went into the oven at 350 degrees for a  couple of hours until it was cooked through. The chicken was then broken down into six parts and it was back to the oven to broil to get some color on that bird’s skin. While this was happening, a sauce was made from the pan drippings.

Once everything was all said and done, we had a plate of perfectly roasted chicken in front of us and it was served along with some freshly made English Muffin Bread, to help us mop up off our plates and enjoy all of the flavors. Of all of the roast chickens we’ve made, we were most satisfied with this version and can’t wait to play around with different flavors – I foresee a lot of roast chicken in our future!


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